Steal Strike Indicator 100 Latinos Dijeron

A Strike Indicator (or Strike for short) is a penalty marker usually seen in the current Spanish-language version of Family Feud called 100 Latinos Dijeron (Spanish for 100 Latinos Said).


Just like in Family Feud and ¿Que Dice la Gente? (What Do People Say?) at any point when a contestant fails to get any survey answers on the board three times, then their opponents will get a chance to steal the points and quite possibly get more than their opponents. However, it could work against them for the other team could keep the points to themselves all the while building a better lead than their opponents. Just like in Feud, the "Strike" is used as a big red "X" inside a rectangular-shaped box that mixes with a mildly sounding buzzer. But unlike the one in Que Dice la Gente, there is no glossy yellowish background behind it, as it's akin to be more like its American counterpart.


See AlsoEdit

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Show appearedEdit

100 Latinos Dijeron (2013-2016)

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