Ricky Paull Goldin
ABC: 7/28/1993-9/1/1993
Goldin-Sachs Entertainment (in association with Greengrass Productions)

Street Match was a short-lived, half-hour reality dating series that attempts to match up people randomly selected off the street.


Host Goldin walks around the streets of New York playing cupid. When he finds a willing contestant both search for a suitable match to go on a date with him or her. Cameras then follow the two participants getting ready and on their date. As they prepare for the meeting, questions are asked off camera so the viewer can find out more about them and their anticipations of the evening ahead. Similar to MTV's The Real World.


EGOS & IDS - Cupid in Prime Time
ABC's Street Match shows fix-up dating, MTV-style TURNED ON IN L.A. - Fall Preview
Review: 'Street Match'

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