Milton Berle (1939-1940)
Morey Amsterdam (1947)
Roger Bower (March-November 1948)
Leon Janney (November 1948-1949)
John Conte (1962)
Larry Anderson (1991)
Radcliff Hall
NBC Radio: 10/7/1939 - 2/24/1940
Mutual Radio: 9/13/1947 - 10/9/1948
NBC Primetime: 3/4/1948 - 4/22/1949
Unsold Pilot: 3/21/1962
Unsold Pilots for Syndication: 10/17/1991
Cal Tinney Productions (1939-1940/1947-1949)
Paramount Television Productions, Inc. (1962)
MTM Productions (1991)

Stop Me if You've Heard this One was a comedy game show where comedians tried to guess a joke's punchline.


Viewers sent in jokes that were read to a panel of three comedians. If one of the panelists recognized the story, s/he would stop the joke and continue it to its conclusion. If the comedian did not give the correct ending, the home viewer won a gift.


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