Bobby Dean
Duff Goldman
Lorraine Pascale
Nancy Fuller
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Food Network: 4/26/2015-present
Triage Entertainment

Spring Baking Championship is the third spinoff of Holiday Baking Championship and Kids Baking Championship where the countries top bakers to take on springtime treats as eight bakers enter the kitchen to show off their superb baking skills for a chance at winning $50,000.


Contestants attempt to rise to the occasion with their springtime treats and win a sweet spot in the hearts of judges Duff Goldman, Lorraine Pascale and Nancy Fuller where only one winner will take home the grand prize of $50,000 and the title of Spring Baking Champion.


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Other VersionsEdit

Holiday Baking Championship (since 2014)
Kids Baking Championship (since 2015)
Halloween Baking Championship (since 2015)


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