Sports Snapshot! was a short-lived, sports-themed quiz show. Contestants answer sports-themed questions for cash and prizes.


Syndication (Weekly): August 7, 1993-December 1993




Jimmy Cefalo


Jerry Gordon


Jean Fox


Three studio contestants competed in a sports trivia game where the sports-related prizes won by the contestant were also offered to home viewers to purchase via a special 800 phone number.

Hidden behind a sixteen-panel game board (four rows of four) was a sport photo for the three players to identify. To reveal a portion of the picture, a player choose one of the sixteen category covering the board. Each category had a sports trivia question and the first player to answer correctly got to see one-sixteenth of the photo. Each question answered correctly earned the player a sports prize (autographed baseball, sports insignia clock) which was placed in his or her locker.

The first player to correctly identify two snapshots was the day's winner who then played the "Sudden Victory" round. In the event of two players each winning one game, the player with the most prizes in his or her locker became champion.

The winning player had 45 seconds to answer twelve rapid-fire sports trivia questions. For each correct answer one of the twelve squares was uncovered on another sports snapshot and the player won a grand prize if he or she identified the photo.

After several months on the air the show's format was altered. The three contestants continued to select from sixteen categories on a game board. Each box represented a different category and correct answers were worth $150. Before questions in the center box (each worth $300) could be revealed, at least seven of the outer boxes had to be cleared. Also hidden on the board was a secret box that contained a bonus prize to be won if the player answered the question correctly.

The first player also participated in the "Sudden Victory" round for a chance to win a vacation, having 35 seconds to answer nine questions. For each correct answer, a piece of the picture was revealed. If the photo was correctly identified, the player won a trip.