Host & Hostess
Matt Vasgersian & Lisa Guerrero
FSN: 3/27/2000-6/23/2000

Sports Geniuses was a Jeopardy!-like sports game show. Was the 2nd game show to air on FSN.


Three contestants played a sports trivia game for big prizes.

Rounds 1 & 2Edit

In the first two rounds, the three contestants faced a game board with four little monitors & one big monitor below them. Housed in each monitor is a sports category with five questions of increasing point value. A player in control would choose a category & point value, then host Matt posed the chosen question to all three players. The first player to buzz-in with a correct answer won the points & control of the board. In the second round each incorrect answer incurs a penalty.

Point ValuesEdit

Here are the point values for each round.

  • Round 1 - Values ranged from 10 - 50 points.
  • Round 2 - Values were doubled in this round. So they ranged from 20 - 100 points.

Panasonic Double PlayEdit

In round one, behind two of the point values were special questions called "Panasonic Double Plays". Those questions came with a video clip. The first player to answer the video questions right won a chance to double the points by answering a follow-up question.

30 Second BlitzEdit

At the end of the first round, all three contestants played a speed round which consisted of seven pictures of sports athletes. Each time a player buzzed in and identified the athlete, they scored 30 points. True to it's name, this round lasted for 30 seconds.

The ShaftEdit

In round two, the player in last place won first possession of "The Shaft" (which was a silver shaft of a baseball bat, hence the name). As soon as a player who owned "The Shaft" heard a question, that player can use it to force either of his two opponents to answer that question. "The Shaft" stayed in play until it was given to a player who used it once before.

In addition, a special guest athlete or other sports personality would appear to read questions in one of the four categories.

Home Viewer QuestionEdit

At the end of round two, a home viewer winner of an interactive game on the show's website was asked a question about his/her favorite sports team posed by Sal Iacano (the real-life cousin of former Win Ben Stein's Money co-host & current late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel). A correct answer to that question won a prize.

The two players with the highest scores at the end of round two moved on to the final round.

Final RoundEdit

In the final round, the two finalists faced-off in a series of categories with multiple answers to it. On each category, the two survivors went back and forth naming items that fit the subject; as soon as one of the players gave an incorrect answer, repeated one or ran out of time, the other player won the category. Each category had a pot which increased by 10 points for each correct answer given; the first category started at 100 points, the base value grew by 25 for each new category played. The winner of each category won all the points in the pot. Categories continued coming into play until time ran out. As soon as time ran out, the player with the most points won the game & a prize package.


At the end of Sports Geniuses' run, the show invited back its biggest winners to compete in an invitational tournament for a chance at a new truck and trips to each of the four major American sports' championships (the World Series, Super Bowl, NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals). Daniel Katz won the tournament.


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