Johnathan F. McClain
The Players
Tim Dorsch
Julia Kay
Vanessa Lengies
Scott Irby-Rannier
Miles Thompson
Louie Torrellas
Lori Wells
Karen Fowler
Noggin/The N - 9/10/2001 - 3/30/2002, 4/1/2002 - 1/2003 (repeats)
Insight Productions/Sesame Workshop

A somewhat of a junior spinoff of Whose Line is it Anyway?.


Two teams of three performers competed in a series improv-typed comedy games, which were all suggestions sent in by home viewers. The suggestions were announced by S.I.D. (Suggestion and Idea Distributor) (voiced by Karen Fowler).

Here are some of the games featured on the show:

  • Action Figure Theater
  • Armpit Chef/Drama
  • Dr. Allspeak
  • Ballet
  • Buy This
  • Conducted Whatever/Story Survivor
  • Identity Crisis
  • Letter Rip
  • SponkMart/Workaholic
  • Where's Your Homework?

On some games, members of the studio audience voted on which team they thought was best with the best team receiving 100 points, if it was the final game of the day they scored 201 points+. On some others, teams scored 50 points a pop with the help of an audience member. There were also games which was abut eliminating all members of the opposing team.

+ - the extra point was most likely to prevent a tie

The team with the most points won the game and a Sponk! Trophy, which was actually a gold spray painted rubber chicken. In addition, a lucky home viewer who just logged on to the Noggin website won a grand prize.

Sponk! ChallengesEdit

Two Sponk! challenges were played each show. The first was where a member of the team that won the second game create a challenge for the opposing team. The second was the "Mondo Sponk Challenge" where host Johnathan set up a challenge for the losing team.


Rules for Sponk! (Archived)

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