Jim Lange
Johnny Jacobs
CBS Daytime: 6/16/1975 - 9/5/1975
Nicholson/Muir Productions

"Once again, some lucky couple can win more than $10,000 on SPIN-OFF! From Television City in Hollywood, here's the host of Spin-Off, JIM LANGE!"

Spin-Off was a Poker/Yahtzee-like game show where couples stop spinning numbers to win thousands of dollars in cash & prizes.


Two couples competed to make the best Poker/Yahtzee-typed hand of spinning numbers behind them.

Main GameEdit

Host Lange asked a question to both couples and the first team to buzz-in with a correct answer won the right to spin five spinners behind them. Each one spins numbers from 1 to 6. The couple in control started the spinners by pressing a large button in front of them, and then stopped the spinners by pressing the five buttons in front of them that correspond to each spinner. Once the spinners stopped, the couple in control had a choice to make, they could either freeze/call with their current hand or reject some or all five numbers and play again. When playing again, the couple must answer another question to spin again. Each couple would have up to three chances to make the best hand, and as soon as one couple used up all their chances or froze before that, the opposing couple had one final chance to increase their hand and beat the first couple. The couple with the best hand wins the round and money according what their hand was.


Here are the payoffs for each hand:

Hand Award
One Pair $50
Two Pair $75
Three of a Kind $100
Straight $125
Full House $150
Four of a Kind $175
Five of a Kind $200 + bonus prize

The first couple to win $250 (later $200) or more wins the game and the right to play the $10,000 Super Spin-Off.


Super Spin-OffEdit

Super Spin-Off was basically the same as the main game except without questions. The winning couple had up to three chances on individual spinners to make the best hand possible. Here are the payoffs for each hand:

Hand Award
One Pair $250
Two Pair $500
Three of a Kind $1,000
Full House $1,500
Four of a Kind $2,000
Five of a Kind $5,000

*What the bottom position is trying say is that the Straight has to appear consecutively in order to win the $10,000. Regular straights were worth nothing.


Spin-Off first premiered in 1975 replacing the CBS version of The Joker's Wild; in fact host Jack Barry announced the premiere of the replacement show on the final show. Spin-Off itself was replaced by another Jim Lange hosted show, Give-N-Take.

Episode StatusEdit

For many years since its original run ended, the series was presumed to be destroyed as per network practices of the era (although CBS was far less prone to wiping than ABC and NBC). In 2000, the entire run of Spin-Off (plus the first two seasons of The Joker's Wild) was discovered in a tape storage room at WCBS-TV in New York.


CBS Television City, Hollywood, California


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YouTube VideosEdit

Clips of the game
A full episode from September 1, 1975 (audio only)

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