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Showdown was a game show produced by Heatter-Quigley Productions for NBC in 1966.


NBC - July 4, 1966-October 14, 1966


Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Productions/Four Star Television


Joe Pyne


Two teams of three players competed in this spiritual predecessor to Hot Potato, combined with Russian Roulette. The host asked a general knowledge question with four possible answers, one of which was correct. Each member of the controlling team secretly chose an answer by pressing a button. An incorrect answer caused that player to drop through the floor and out of the game. When all three members of a team were eliminated, the other team won $100 and advanced to the "Triple Treat" bonus round.

In the bonus round, the winning team could win a vacation by correctly answering one question. If they answered incorrectly, they continued as champions and faced a new opposing team.

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