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Joe Pyne
Kenny Williams
NBC: 7/4/66-10/14/66
Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Productions
Four Star TV

Showdown was a short-lived game show produced by Heatter-Quigley Productions for NBC where two teams of three contestants compete in a general information quiz. In addition, each team's members had something in common such as three being chefs or three being trash collectors.


Two teams of three players competed in this spiritual predecessor to Hot Potato, combined with Russian Roulette. The host asked a general knowledge question with four possible answers, one of which was correct. Each member of the controlling team secretly chose an answer by pressing a button. An incorrect answer caused that player to drop through the floor and out of the game. When all three members of a team were eliminated, the other team won $100 and advanced to the "Triple Treat" bonus round.

Triple TreatEdit

In the bonus round, the winning team could win a vacation by correctly answering one question. If they answered incorrectly, they continued as champions and faced a new opposing team.


  • During the show, a teenage music combo, "The Bantams", played rock 'n' roll and also provided musical clues for some questions.
  • Host Joe Pyne, was a popular talk radio personality during the 1960s known for his insulting remarks.

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