Stubby Kaye as "the Mayor of Shenanigans"
Kenny Williams as "Kenny the Cop"
Steve Janos
ABC Saturday Mornings: 9/26/1964 – 3/20/1965, 9/25/1965 – 12/18/1965
Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Productions
Four Star Television

Shenanigans was children's board-game-based game show sponsored by Milton Bradley.


The premise of the game was the same as another Heatter/Quigley game show Video Village and its children's counterpart Video Village Junior, for the kids' job was to race around a giant game board. Their moves were determined by stopping the flashing lights of the letters in the word "Shenanigans" with numbers under them. Whatever space they landed on, they had to follow the directions on that space, which was to either answer a question or perform a stunt. Seeing that this show was sponsored by Milton Bradley, some of the stunts were based on popular Milton Bradley games. During their travels on the board, they could win prizes and earn "Shenaniganzas" (the show's official currency) which could be redeemed for green stamps. They earned them by landing on the "Shenaniganzas" spaces, performing stunts or answering questions. The first player to land on the finish space by virtue of an exact number (or the player furthest along the board when time was called) won the game and bonus prizes.


In 1964, a board game was published by Milton Bradley as a companion to the show.

In addition, some MB games were released to the public after being featured on the show, among them included Bobbin Noggin (1964) and Where's Willie (1966).

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Other popular Milton Bradley board games such as Operation for example were adapted for play on the show itself.


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Vine Street Theater, Hollywood, CA


Based on Video Village Junior by Merrill Heatter and Bob Quigley


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