The Sharks
Robert Herjavec
Kevin O'Leary
Barbara Corcoran
Daymond John
Mark Cuban (Season 2-present)
Lori Greiner (Season 3-present)
Kevin Harrigton (Season 1-2)
Jeff Foxworthy (Season 2)
ABC: 8/9/2009-present
Mark Burnett Productions
One Three Media
United Artist Media Group
Sony Pictures Television

Shark Tank based on a British show called Dragon's Den, features a panel of "Potential Investors" called "Sharks", who consider offers from "Aspiring Entrepreneurs" seeking investments for their business or product.

Shark Tank: Swimming with SharksEdit

A one-hour special called Shark Tank: Swimming with Shark Premiered on May 2, 2014 on ABC featuring a behind-the-scenes look of the show as it reveals what happens after the deals are made as the entrepreneurs plunge into the uncharted waters of the shark-eats-shark business world.

Shark Tank Swimming with Sharks No TVNR Rating

Beyond the TankEdit

A follow-up series called Beyond the Tank premiered on May 1, 2015 on ABC, which revisits entrepreneurs whose business were groundbreaking in terms of their technology, business model or branding who have taken their business to new heights with the help of the sharks, entrepreneurs and the Shark investors who gambled on their business and lost, businesses that multiple sharks have fought hard against each other to secure and even those entrepreneurs who did not get deals from the Sharks, but continued on in pursuit of their dreams.

Beyond the Tank

International VersionsEdit

  • An Australian version series of the same name airs on Network Ten since 2015.
  • The original British version (called Dragon's Den) airs on BBC Two and BBC HD since 2005.


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