Shane Stirling (born November 16, 1973) is a former model on The Price is Right. She has modeled mostly during the Barker era but has also briefly modeled during the Carey era. Her first appearance on the show came on October 15, 2002 and has continued on as a rotating model over the next four seasons.

Sometime after the start of Season 35 (which was Barker's last), everything came to a screeching halt for Shane after she announced she was pregnant and was "forced into an early pregnancy leave, she wasn't allowed to return to work until almost a year and a half after her child's birth and was abruptly fired".

Shane was finally allowed to return to the show in 2008, now with Drew Carey as the current host. But shortly after she was allowed to return, Shane was terminated as her final appearance on the show aired in mid-to-late October.

Shortly after she was fired, Shane filed a lawsuit against CBS and FremantleMedia as well as former host Bob Barker for discrimination. In her claim, Stirling stated that Barker had her fired for becoming pregnant and said her pregnancy was "dangerous" and a "liability". Her court claims were later dismissed.

Stirling is married to Larry LaLonde, the lead guitarist of the heavy metal band Primus and together they have four children.

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