Jack Carter
Jack Clark
Unsold Pilot for Syndication: 12/29/1969
Bob Stewart Productions

Second Guessers was an unaired pilot involving members of the studio audience trying to guess the answers people on the street would give to cute questions.


Funnyman (and we use the term loosely) Carter helmed the game from the studio, while Clark asked the questions from the field, while a celebrity helped in the guessing in the studio. With an audience of over 1,000 people, Clark was sent out to ask a question such as "Would you forgive your husband if he cheated on you?" The contestant would opine whether the majority of five people would answer the question one way or another, and a "second guesser" from the audience would either agree or disagree with the contestant. If the audience member was right, they would win a prize such as a TV set or a movie camera.


  • This show was taped in Miami Beach, Florida.
  • The theme song had previously been used on The Face is Familiar.
  • The celebrity guest was Brenda Vaccaro. Just before signing off, Carter states that the guest "next week" will be Zsa Zsa Gabor.