OPENING SPIEL: AUDIENCE: SCRAMBLE! Kat: It's (time for) Scramble! America's (newest) sports action and brain teasing game show/game show for kids! Now the host of Scramble, NFL star and quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, RANDALL "THE SCRAMBLER" CUNNINGHAM!

Rest of Spiel: Thank you, and welcome to Scramble, the game for your brain!’'


"TOUCHDOWN!"- Randall Cunningham 1993-1994

"That's a field goal! The kick is good!" - Randall

“Scramble is played just like a football game. You correctly answer questions to move the ball down the field to score that touchdown! And when you do, you get to scramble, the physical challenge to gain/get that extra point. Just to let you know, all our contestants/players here on Scramble are all winners, and our winning team is going to go home with (insert prizes)! Back to you Randall/Randy!” - Kat Ashley (when explaining the rules of Scramble)

"Okay, so, the yellow/blue team won the coin toss backstage before the show. But before we play our game, let's introduce and get to know our players a little more." - Randall

"Yellow/blue team, it's your ball." - Randall

"Run? Pass? Or Trick?" - Randall

"Alright, going for the field goal!" - Randall

"For 10/20/30 yards, (insert question)?" - Randall

"For 3 points/the touchdown, (insert question)?" - Randall

"1st/2nd/3rd/4th down, ball is on the (number) yard line" - Randall

"You got five seconds!" - Randall (to tell the teams to hurry up after reading the question)

"(insert answer) is the correct answer!" - Randall

"No/I'm sorry, that's the incorrect answer. But that's okay, you still have a chance!” - Randall

"That's the end of the quarter/half, so that means we're taking a break! The score is (insert score) (insert winning team). We'll be right back with Scramble, don't go away!" - Randall

"Scramble will return after these messages!" - Kat

"We'll be back with the 2 minute Scramble after these messages!" - Kat

"Now back to Scramble!" - Kat

"Here's Randall with more Scramble!" - Kat

"Come on down here for our scramble! Alright, before we start, Kat is gonna give you clues to a question." - Randall

"The question/category is (insert question/category)" - Kat

"Ready? GO!" - Randall


"You know the answer?" - Randall

"Okay, next player, GO!" - Randall


"Remember to keep your feet on the ground and your dreams alive! We'll see you next week on SCRAMBLE! Bye-Bye!" - Randall Cunningham 1993-1994

"Each member of the winning team will receive (insert prizes). And, each member of the (insert losing team) will receive (insert consolation prize)." - Kat

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