Host/Executive Producer
Pat Neely
Mariana Cardenas
Save to Win
The CW (Weekly): 11/5/2016 - Present
Greencouch Entertainment
On the Hop
JZ Productions
Litton Entertainment

"Welcome to the show where smart shopping leads to money in your pocket. Our Family Dollar store's filled with hundreds of great brands at everyday low prices, and those items just might win one of our teams $5,000. I'm Pat Neely, and it's time to SAVE TO WIN!!"

Save to Win is a shopping game show sponsored by Family Dollar.[1]


Two teams of two (dressed in yellow & blue) compete against each other in three rounds of shopping challenges for the right to play for $5,000.

Round 1Edit

Seven products appear on the check-out conveyor belt. On each product, Pat reads a dual-choice question about that product. A correct choice wins the item (which in turn acts as a point).

The first two questions are individual team questions (one for each team), and the remaining five are jump-in toss-ups. During the toss-up portion, an incorrect choice gives the point/item to the opponents.

Round 2Edit

Two players (one from each team) are isolated. The partners still onstage face six food items (three for each player). Starting with the team in the lead, the non-isolated player in control decides which food to taste, which food to smell, and which food to touch. After the choices are made, the isolated player comes back out, sits in a chair on a pedestal in the center of the store, and puts on a blindfold. Then s/he has to identify those three foods based on the criteria their teammate set.

Again, correct answers score the item/point, but any hinting/speaking by the non-blindfolded player voids the item.

Round 3Edit

Pat has Smart Coupons for a series of items. They come out one at a time and are placed in a Family Dollar bag. The players then take turns recalling those items. An incorrect item, a repeat, or expiration of time gives the opponents the question. If the shopping list is complete (naming all items in the bag), the player who gives the last correct answer wins the question. The winner of each question wins the bag and scores as many points as there are items.

The first question has five items, with every subsequent question having two items more. The first team to score 15 points (claim 15 items) wins the game and goes on to play for $5,000; losing teams receive a $500 Family Dollar shopping spree.

Bonus RoundEdit

The winning team faces a wall with 20 products. Each pair of items has a matching dollar amount (a total of 10 pairs), ranging from $500 to $1,000. The winning team picks two items and the values are revealed one at a time. If they match, the team wins $5,000; if they don't match, the team gets the combined total of the two amounts (between $1,050 and $1,950).


  • This is only the second network daytime game show to debut after 1993, the first being the current revival of Let's Make a Deal in 2009.
  • This is only the second known game show post-2010 to use Eggcrate displays, the first being Pawnography.
  • No one has won the full $5,000 yet, presumably because there is a 1 in 19 chance of matching the first pick.


Paul Masvidal & Amy Correia


  1. The CW announces fall 2016 "One Magnificent Morning" Saturday morning line-up


Official Site (1)
Official Site (2)
Official Facebook Page

YouTube LinksEdit

Family Dollar (playlist of show episodes)
Premiere Show (uploaded by Chad Mosher)

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