Paul Winchell
Kenny Williams
NBC Pilot: 11/8/1971
NBC Saturday Mornings: 9/9/1972 – 9/1/1973
Heatter-Quigley Productions

Runaround was a kids game show with lots of running involved.


Nine children would be read a question with three possible answers. The children would then be asked to "!" to one of three sections which corresponded to the choices. Any players not on the section representing the correct answer were eliminated from the round. After one or no players remained, all children came back into play. The player with the most correct answers (represented by pink balls in each player's transparent) won a grand prize package.


"Runaround... now!" - Paul Winchell

"When you hear the click, stick!" - Paul Winchell

"Last chance!" - Paul Winchell

"Let's see who's right with the light!" - Paul Winchell

International VersionsEdit

A British version of the show was made, hosted by Mike Reid.

There was also a Dutch version of the show called Ren je Rot/Kies je Ster (Translated as Run Run Run/Select Your Star) It was hosted by Martin Brozius and was assisted by Lars Boom.

A German version of this show was made as well called Eins, Zwei oder Drei? (Translated as One, Two, or Three?) Michael Schanze hosted the first eight seasons, until 1985, when he was replaced by Birgit Lechtermann. She hosted the show for ten years. The third presenter from 1995 on was Gregor Steinbrenner, who also presented the 25th anniversary of the show in 2002, which was celebrated by staging a 25 hour quiz marathon. Daniel Fischer, who debuted in 2005, was the fourth presenter. The fifth and current presenter is the comedian Elton, who debuted in 2010.


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