"Amazing Johnathan" (Johnathan Szeles)
Helen Incollingo
Charlene Donahue-Wallace
James Bradley
Syndication: 9/9/1991-1/3/1992
Merv Griffin Enterprises
Columbia Pictures Television

Ruckus was the wild, wacky & weird game show set in Merv Griffin's Resorts hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey where audience members played wild & woolly games for cash prizes.


Some players participated in stunts like trying to run an obstacle course with one new item added to the course on each run. Another featured was to have members of the studio audience try to predict how a hidden camera stunt involving unsuspecting citizens would turn out.

Reach For a StarEdit

The bonus round was a four-minute round of stunts with three contestants. A toss-up question began the round, and the player who answered correctly got a chance to "Reach For a Star" and perform the stunt indicated on it for cash or prizes. The player remained at the "starboard" as long as he or she was successful. When they failed to complete a stunt, another toss-up question was asked to determine who went next to the starboard.


Mort Lindsey


Merv Grffin

YouTube VideosEdit

Pies on a Conveyor Belt
Johnathan's Amazing Vacation
Silly Cow Race
Feel This!

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