Gary Seibel & Randy Pedersen
Taylor Baldwin
Bob Prevost
TNN Primetime: 1/11/2000 - 7/7/2000
China Train Productions

Rockin' Bowl was a short-lived bowling game show for college students.


Jenny Ammon
Paola Armeni
Mya Collins
Lana Freberg
Jennaia D. Reed
Tracy Traasdahl


College teams compete for scholarship money in head-to-head bowling that features off-the-wall challenges as well as traditional 10-frame matches.

In each episode, two college teams compete against each other in a contest of normal and not-so normal bowling. Each match consists of the traditional 10 frames played "Baker"-style (meaning the players on both teams alternate frames).

Rockin' Bowl FramesEdit

Each match also consists of six nontraditional frames called "Rockin' Bowl" frames, which are crazy challenges played in-between certain normal frames. Usually, in these frames, each team gets only one ball.

The "Rockin' Bowl" frames include the following:

  • Recliner Bowling – The players in control sit in a recliner chair with their teammates pushing them to the foul line and throw the ball down the alley.
  • Shuffle Bowl – The players in control take shuffle puck and pushed the ball with it down the alley.
  • Your Pins Are Showing/Strobelight Ball – The lights in the park go out and a big strobe light flashes and making the player have difficulty concentrating.
  • Blackjack Bowling – The object of this game was to get to 21 or come as close to 21 as they can than their opposing team without going over. As in regular bowling, the players on the teams alternate turns taking up to five single shots; the pins were reset after each roll. The team that's the closest to 21 without going over won the round and 10 points. Unlike regular Blackjack, ties are always acceptable; so in case of a tie they split the points and receive five each. And finally, any team that gets exactly 21 in any combination score a five point bonus for a total of 15 points with that score going to both teams if they tied.
  • Frame of Chance – This is where two members of the studio audience (selected by the team coaches, one for each coach & team) participated with the help of the partners which are main team players in control.
  • Speed Bowling – Standard bowling rules apply, but only the team with the fastest ball will score.
  • Disco Bowling – Regular bowling except the park was turned into a discotheque.
  • Showtime Bowling – The pins are hiding behind a curtain, so therefore the players won't know how many pins they'll hit.
  • Bumper Bowling – The gutters are covered with rubber columns. The ball rolled by the player in control must bounce off a column in order to count.
  • ER Bowling – The players in control sit on a gurney with their teammates pushing them to the foul line and throw the ball down the alley.
  • Daredevil Bowling – The players attempt to make the ball jump a miniature daredevil's ramp with toy trucks in the middle.
  • Rockin' Relay – The final Rockin' frame is always the Rockin' Relay aka the Team Relay Finale in which teams have 30 seconds to knock over as many pins as possible while alternating lanes.

At the end of the match, each team's normal bowl score was combined with their Rockin' Bowl score to create the team's final total. The team with the most points won the match and moved on in the tournament.


Round Award
Rounds 1 and 2 $1,000 each
Quarterfinal $2,500
Semi-Final $5,000
Grand Winner $10,000


Gordon Goodwin

House Band - Pinsetters


The All American Sports Park in Las Vegas, NV

YouTube LinksEdit

Full EpisodesEdit

  • These two episodes have been edited to show only the competition.

Western Illinois UniversityEdit

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Championship Match
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

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