The music package for VH1's "Rock & Roll Jeopardy!" was composed by Steve Kaplan and Douglas Macaskill. Unlike the parent show, which used portions of the main theme throughout each show, Rock & Roll Jeopardy! featured multiple music cues during each episode, including distinct commercial cues as detailed below.

Theme SongEdit

The main theme, featuring a remixed version of the Jeopardy! theme in a rock-and-roll style, with heavy guitar and with a faster tempo than the parent show. At the time of its introduction, the Rock & Roll Jeopardy! theme was the first aired music in the franchise to include a bridge that was not, in some form, a version of the classic "Think!" melody.

During the opening sequence for Rock & Roll Jeopardy!, the music began at 0:36 in the linked clip.

Commercial Cue #1Edit

In the same style as the main theme, but featuring a slightly different variation of the "Think!" melody.

Commercial Cue #2Edit

In the same style as the main theme, but more strongly resembling one of the bridge verses without the classic "Think!" melody.

Prize CueEdit

A version of the main theme which lacked the electric guitar and other lead instruments. This version was used both as a prize cue and during the contestant introductions, as well as leading into some commercial breaks.

Think! MusicEdit

A rock-and-roll guitar remix of the classic Final Jeopardy! think music.

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