Rich Reddick is a game show contestant. He is most notable for wins on Wheel of Fortune and Win Ben Stein's Money.

Wheel of Fortune RunEdit

In 1993, Reddick played Wheel of Fortune when it was College Week in Boston. He did very successful in the game and went on to the bonus round. Although he did not win the bonus round, he still won a grand total of $34,025.

Ben Stein's Money RunEdit

After his Wheel run, Reddick went on to play Win Ben Stein's Money. He also was successful in the game and went on to the final round. The final result of the bonus round was 6 questions right apiece. Since Ben complimented him on a job well done, he took home $1,000. His grand total on Ben Stein's was $2,050.

Jeopardy! RunEdit

In 2003, Reddick appeared on Jeopardy! for two episodes. The first episode he won $14,450 but he lost in the second episode.

Millionaire RunEdit

A year after Reddick's run on Jeopardy!, he played Millionaire with Meredith Viera. He won $50,000 that day.

Cumulative TotalEdit

Out of all the money that he won on Wheel, Ben Stein's, Jeopardy, and Millionaire, Reddick won a grand total of $100,525.


  • Rich went to the University of Texas.
  • Rich also has a YouTube account, entitled "razjazza".


YouTube VideosEdit

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