Rich Jeffries
Name: Jefferson Ray Richards
Born: September 1, 1938
Died: March 30, 2012
Place of death: Ojai, California
Occupation: Game Show Announcer
Years active: 1981-1989
Known for: Announcing game shows
Rich Jeffries (born Jefferson Ray Richards, September 1, 1938-March 30, 2012) was a former game show announcer. He was a frequent substitute announcer for many Mark Goodson shows in the 80s. He later announced the short-lived revival of Blockbusters in 1987. Love Connection was his final substitute announcing job. He later announced some commercials from 1987-1990. Jeffries died of pulmonary fibrosis at the age of 73.

Shows He AnnouncedEdit

Password Plus (sub)
Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour (sub)
Super Password (1984)
Time Machine (sub)
The Price is Right (sub)
Love Connection (sub)
Blockbusters (sub in 1982, 1987)
The Gong Show (sub in 1988)