Joe Bastianch
Tim Love
Waylynn Lucas
Restaurant Startup
CNBC: 7/8/2014-3/2/2016
JB Crushed
Shine America

Restaurant Startup is a reality competition series where they are on a quest to discover, invest in and launch America's next generation of epicurean superstars.


Two teams are challenged to launch a campaign and business plan for a speciality food concept. Each week, two teams will make their case to their investors (Joe Bastianch & Tim Love) for a shot at launching a temporary version of their great concept for a restaurant or a specialit food shop. Then they'll open the doors and test the concept on the public. At the end of the process, the two investors will decide as to whether or not they will put their own money on the line to make someone's dream come true.


The show's slogan is "You Impress. We Invest".


Official Website (via Internet Archive)