Remember This? was a game show that tested contestants' knowledge of facts behind NBC News headlines.


MSNBC: October 25, 1996 - October 5, 1997


Sande Stewart Productions


Al Roker


Similar to College Bowl and It's Academic, two teams of three players (all college and university students) were shown news footage from the NBC News archives and answered a series of questions about them to win scholarship money.

Rounds 1 & 2Edit

In the first two rounds, teams were shown a news headline from the past, and then a toss-up question about the headline was asked. A correct answer scored points plus a chance to earn more points by answering another question in which the only players who didn't buzz-in could answer. A right answer there earned the right to answer one last question in which only the player who hadn't answered yet could answer.

An incorrect answer from the buzz-in player on the first two questions gave the opposing team a chance to steal the points and control of the next question by answering it. If both teams missed, the next question became a toss-up for the remaining players.

Scoring/Number of HeadlinesEdit

Each round has a point value for all questions and played a certain number of headlines (one of them took a commercial break midway into the round).

Rounds Point Values Headlines
Round 1 10 3
Round 2 20 4

Lightning RoundEdit

The game ends with the "Lightning Round" where all questions were worth 30 points but no headlines were played. Correct answers were worth 30 points, but an incorrect answer deducted 30 points. The team with the most points when time ran out in the round won the game.

Winning and losingEdit

Winning teams from Friday & Saturday shows faced each other on Sunday in which the winner won a $1,000 scholarship and advancement to the playoffs at the end of the season for a chance to win a $20,000 scholarship. Fordham University was the ultimate "Remember This?" champion.

Losing teams stayed on the show until they lost two games, at which point they retired from the show but received a Remember This? hat.


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