Robin Young (1995-1996)
Sissy Biggers (1996-2000)
Ainsley Harriot (2000-2001)
Food Network: 10/2/1995 - 10/1/2001

Ready... Set... Cook! is the cooking game show where two teams cook-off in a race against time.


Two well-known chefs (usually representing their restaurants) along with two members of the studio audience (one per chef) competed as teams to prepare the best meal. One was called Red Tomatoes, and the other Green Peppers. The contestants were then each given $10.00 to spend on ingredients for the chefs to prepare a meal.

The teams were given 20 minutes (later reduced to 18) to make a meal using the ingredients bought plus the usual items found in a kitchen pantry. The host would meanwhile move back and forth between the teams to ask questions about the meals being produced.

When time ran out, each team explained the dish they had prepared, after which the audience would vote by holding cards (one per audience member, a tomato on one side and a green pepper on the other) to show which team's meal they liked best. The team with the higher number of votes won the game, with both contestants winning kitchen appliances and/or cookware.


Based on the British series Ready... Steady... Cook!

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