Bill Cullen
Johnny Gilbert
Celebrity Guests
Joyce Bulifant & Fred Grandy
Unsold Pilot: 1979
Bob Stewart Productions

WINDOW PERSON 1: "Good evening, and…" WINDOW PERSON 2: "Welcome to…" WINDOW PERSON 3: "Punch Lines"! WINDOW PERSON 4: "With tonight's special guest stars…" WINDOW PERSON 5: [insert celebrity name here] WINDOW PERSON 6: "And…" WINDOW PERSON 7: [insert celebrity name here] WINDOW PERSON 8: "And starring…" ALL WINDOW PEOPLE: "Bill Cullen!"

Punch Lines is an unsold pilot where (according to Bill Cullen) you must "remember what you heard and where you heard it". This 1979 pilot was a failed attempt to relaunch Eye Guess.


Main GameEdit

The game is played with two celebrity-civilian pairs, and eight so-called "window people" seated in a large apartment-like structure on the other side of the stage.

Each of the eight window people reads what is called a "punch line", an answer to an upcoming question. After all the punch lines have been read, the eight window people quickly change seats to confuse the contestants. Seven questions are read to the contestants, who have to identify the window where they heard the correct punch line, not who said it. Like Eye Guess, a team stays in control as long as they continue to give out correct answers. Every correct answer in Round 1 is worth 10 points, and correct answers in Round 2 are worth 20 points with the team that is behind taking control first. 100 points wins the game. Unfortunately, the way round two is played, this could allow a team trailing behind to give fewer correct answers than the other team did in Round 1 and win.


The endgame is identical to the first two rounds except with prizes added. Eight more punch lines are read and seven more questions are given by Bill. For every correct answer a contestant gives, he or she wins a prize. If all the correct answers are given, the contestant receives a new car.

International VersionsEdit

A pilot for the Australian version of the series hosted by Jeremy Kewley was made for the Seven Network on August 20, 1986. But just like it's American counterpart, the series was not sold at all.

Despite the pilot not being sold in America, it was sold in the U.K. airing on ITV from 1981 until 1984. The host for it was the late Lennie Bennett (of Lucky Ladders/Chain Reaction fame).


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