Pro-Fan was a short-lived sports themed game show where a sports celebrity teamed up with a studio contestant by answering sports-related trivia questions while doing sports-related stunts.


Syndication: May-September 1977


Media Masters-Renshar Productions


Charlie Jones


Lloyd Thaxton


Two guest sports celebrities teamed up with studio contestants in a game of sports trivia & stunts. One player on each team tried to answer sports-related trivia questions and if they were correct, their partner tried to complete a sports stunt (i.e. shooting a basketball, sinking a putt) within 24 seconds. Point values started at 10 points and doubled every four minutes. After 12 minutes, the high-scoring team played a bonus round, where both members of the winning team attempted an athletic stunt and if either was successful, the fan won a $15,000 prize package.

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