These are the many products/merchandise/goods that were brought to us due to the success of Press Your Luck.

Games for the IBM PC and Commodore 64 were released by GameTek in 1988. The game play in the games was far different from the show, including a "Lose a Spin" space, identical to the "Lose A Turn" space on Wheel of Fortune.

A slot machine game was first developed by Shuffle Master in 2000; it was also featured in the 2003 PC Game "Reel Deal Casino:Shuffle Master Edition". Currently, WMS Gaming develops video slot machines based on the show like the "Big Event" version with Todd Newton of "Whammy!" fame in 2008, a "Community Bonus" version in 2010 and a "3-reel mechanical" version in 2011. A now defunct online slot game was once developed for online UK casinos.[1][2][3]

A kiosk version debuted at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas in 2011.

For a brief period, Game Show Network (the network that reruns the original Press Your Luck and its revival Whammy!) had short-lived interactive versions based on both shows where you can play along with the show.

Prior to this there was a live interactive mobile game based on Whammy! where you can play along with the show courtesy of Goldpocket iTV.

GSN had its own game on its website called Whammy! Plus made by Zeek Games.

In 2004, the now defunct website was planning to release a beta game of Press Your Luck to go along with Let’s Make A Deal (unreleased), Card Sharks, and The Hometown Price Is Right. Sadly, it never came to fruition.

A DVD game was released in 2005, with Todd Newton from Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck as host and Peter Kent as announcer; the opening clip featured Michael Larson.

Press Your Luck DVD Game00:15

Press Your Luck DVD Game

A handheld game was released by Irwin Toys in 2008.

Games for the PC, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Playstation 3's PSN called Press Your Luck: 2010 Edition were released by Ludia from 2009 to 2010. Terry McGovern was host and announcer due to Peter Tomarken having died a few years prior.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The 2010 Edition video game was re-released as part of the "Game Show Party" bundle pack along with "The Price Is Right: 2010 Edition" and "Family Feud: 2010 Edition" for PlayStation 3's PSN in 2010.

A Facebook version was released by Ludia in Jan. 2012. Ten players play a question round together, all answering the same question. Six questions are asked, with the players earning money multiplied by the number of players who answered incorrectly or have run out of time. The values of the questions are as follows:


The question's value was random, so the player could get $500 times six players who were wrong for a total of $3000, plus $500 extra for the 3 players who buzzed in the fastest; if the question is the Whammy, all players lost everything won up to that point if they are wrong. The top 3 players would advance to the Big Board, each getting 5 spins. Game play resumed normally, except that a player is not eliminated for hitting 4 whammies.

Me playing Press Your Luck Facebook!02:19

Me playing Press Your Luck Facebook!

A Facebook slots version was also released by Ludia on Sept. 2012. Prior to this, an app version was released for the iPhone and iPad on April 22, 2013.

A scratch-off lottery game as one of their "$1,000,000 Las Vegas Game Show Experience" is expected to debut in March of 2013.

Various T-shirts based on the show...

...and plush Whammy dolls were also released.


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