Jonathan Torrens
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CMT: 4/11/2005 - 6/13/2005
Film Garden Entertainment

Popularity Contest was a short-lived reality show in which ten contestants from the big city were plopped down in the Route 66 town of Vega, Texas to win over and split the prize money with one of the locals of the town for $100,000.


Ten city slickers chuck the bright lights and the big city to immerse themselves in a small town life as they compete to be named the town's "Most Popular" resident. In a dramatic twist, all of the town's 936 residents have a chance to win a piece of the grand prize. But this is more than a simple fish-out-of-water tale. In some amazing ways, the town and many of the contestants are changed for the better. The contestants hailing from big cities around the nation are dropped into the small town of Vega, Texas where they live for 28 days. There is a Chef, Model, Computer Analyst, Psychic, Opera Singer, Major League Baseball Scout, a Professional Cheerleader and Business Owner among the city slickers. In Vega, a farming town nestled along historic Route 66, contestants compete in character-revealing challenges as well as service projects that give back to the community including: landscaping, fundraising and construction. The local residents hold bi-weekly town hall meetings for no-holds barred discussions of the merits and flaws of each contestant. Ultimately, only one winner is up "says host Torrens in each episode, as one by one, the contestants receiving the least votes is escorted out of town by the local Sheriff. "Take a moment to say goodbye to your friends." The winner voted "Most Popular" is awarded $100,000. The twist? At the first town meeting, the town's residents find out that they will be in contention for a piece of the prize. The person voted "Most Popular" will award a cash prize to the resident of his or her choice. A game that begins with ten contestants turns into a game played by the whole town.


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