Bruce Gold
Steve Blacknell
Playboy's Love & Sex Test
The Playboy Channel: 8/7/1992 – 9/26/1994
Bob Gilles Productions

Playboy's Love & Sex Test featured two teams, one with three women and the other with three men, playing to see who knew more about love and sex.


Teams started off with five hundred points and competed in five rounds of questions. The first round was based on people's responses to questions about love and sex. A sample of public opinion was shown via a pre-recorded tape and an estimate was given as to how people responded. Each team had to decided if the real percentage was higher or lower than the original estimate. Teams scored 100 points if they were right.

Round two, "Fact or Fantasy", included a story told about something related to love or sex. Each of the panelists tried to guess if the story presented was true or not, with 100 points awarded for each correct guess.

Round three profiled two Playboy Playmates and videos of them were screened. The players were then read a true statement about one of the playmates and had to decide which one it concerned.

After another round of "Fact or Fantasy", the game concluded with a 500-point final test. Each team tried to predict how a person responded when placed in a practical joke situation. The team with the most points at the end of this round was the winner.

YouTube VideoEdit

Clip of the Show (WARNING: U.S. Game Show Wiki Discretion is Advised)

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