Cameron Daddo
Pirate Master
CBS: 5/31/2007 - 7/17/2007
Mark Burnett Productions

Pirate Master features 16 people competing as real-life pirates on a quest for gold in this short lived reality show.

Series ResultsEdit

  • 16th Place - John Lakness
  • 15th Place - Christian Okoye
  • 14th Place - Alexis Shubin
  • 13th Place - Cheryl Kosewicz
  • 12th Place - Sean Twomey
  • 11th Place - Joy McElveen
  • 10th Place - Joe Don "J.D." Morton
  • 9th Place - Elicia "Jupiter" Mendoza
  • 8th Place - Azmyth Kaminski
  • 7th Place - Nessa Nemir
  • 6th Place - Kendra Guffey
  • 5th Place - Laurel Schmidt
  • 4th Place - Louie Frase
  • 3rd Place - Jay Hatkow
  • Runner-Up - Christa DeAngelo
  • Winner (Pirate Master) - Ben Fagan


Official Website (via Internet Archive)

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