Picture This was a short-lived primetime game show where a celebrity guest and a contestant draw clues to identify a secret phrase.


CBS June 26, 1963-September 17, 1963


Joelson-Baer Productions


Jerry Van Dyke


Lee Vines


Two teams, each composed of a celebrity guest and a studio contestant, competed in a game where one player was given a phrase and he directed his partner by telling him what clues to draw to learn its identity. Each team chose one of five objects, each with a different time limit, for their opponents to play. Correctly identifying the object scored a point for that team. Failure to do so scored a point for the other team. The first team to score three points won $200 and the other player earned $100. The winning team would then play a bonus game where they would be given 60 seconds to draw up to six objects. Each correct guess earned $50 for a possible total of $300 for a grand total of $500.


A board game titled as The Picture This Game was released by Standard Toycraft in 1963.


  • Jerry Van Dyke is the real life brother of Dick Van Dyke. Dick himself hosted a few game shows.

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