Jerry Van Dyke
Lee Vines
Picture This
CBS Primetime: 6/25/1963 – 9/17/1963
Joelson-Baer Productions

Picture This was a short-lived primetime game show.


Two teams, each composed of a celebrity guest and a studio contestant, competed. Each celebrity chose one of five objects, each with a different time limit, for their opponents to play. The opposing celebrity was shown the given object and directed their contestant partner on how to draw it. If the contestant correctly identified the object, their team got a point. If time expired, the other team got a point. The first player to score three points won $200, with the other player getting $100. If the fifth picture was needed, Jerry would raffle off the picture to the celebrities for the lowest bid, starting at the pre-set time limit.

The winning team then played a bonus game with a 60-second timer. The celebrity drew up to six objects, with each correct identification from the contestant awarding $50 for a total of $300. As a result, the most a player could win was $500.

Two new contestants competed in each game.


A board game titled The Picture This Game was released by Standard Toycraft in 1963.


Studio 52, CBS-TV, New York City, NY


Jerry Van Dyke was the real-life brother of Dick Van Dyke. Dick himself hosted a few game shows.


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A full episode from August 13, 1963