Phire Dawson
Phire Dawson
Name: Phire Dawson
Born: January 22, 1984
Occupation: Actress, Model
Years active: 1997-present
Known for: Her modeling career for The Price is Right
Phire Dawson (born January 22, 1984 in Bridgeport, Connecticut) is an American model who has been most recognizable as a rotating model on the game show The Price Is Right in both the Barker and Carey eras. She has also appeared on NBC Identity and the third season of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency debuted on Oxygen. She is graduate of Spelman College and is a former CNN employee. Dawson was a cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons. She comes from a prominent pageant family; sister Alita Dawson is Miss Connecticut USA 2002 and Miss Connecticut Teen USA 1997. In 2012, Complex magazine selected Dawson as number eight on its list of The 25 Hottest Game Show Eye Candy.

Shows AppearedEdit

The Price is Right


Her Official Site
Her Twitter Page

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