Bob Goen
Johnny Gilbert
Perfect Match 1986
Syndication (Daily): 1/13/1986 – 9/12/1986
XPTLA Company/Lorimar-Telepictures

Perfect Match was a Newlywed Game-typed show where the more the couples knew about each other, the more money they could win.


Three married couples competed in this short-lived game show. Before the show they were asked questions about their relationships (each other), and during the show each spouse tried to match his/her mate's answers.

Main RoundEdit

The couples were each given a bankroll of $200 to start the game, and for each question, the spouse who it referred to could bet anywhere from $10 to their current score, based on how strong they felt about their answer. Successfuly making a match added the wager, but failing to do so deducted it. Three questions were played in this round.

Bonus RoundEdit

In this round, each contestant read a "Love Letter" to his/her mate, which he/she had written before the show. Each letter had three blanks in it, and the spouses' job was to fill them in with the correct words previously given by the first spouse. Each match made by the wife was worth $100, while each match made by the husband was worth $200. Any couple who matched all six answers in this round won a $5,000 bonus (which did not count toward the final scores).

All couples got to keep the cash, but the couple with the most money (out of a possible $2,500) won a $1,000 bonus ($3,500 was the max), with tied couples splitting the money.

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Score Productions


The El Encanto Group


Studio 2, KTLA-TV, Los Angeles, CA


The pilot of the show was called Make A Match and Jim Lange was the host of it.

This was the second game show hosted by Bob Goen and his first one that truly offered cash & prizes.

This was the second game show to be produced by Lorimar-Telepictures (the first was The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime).

This show was the replacement for the now cancelled Catch Phrase produced by one-half of the company Telepictures.


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