Luke Tipple
Opposite Worlds
SyFy: 1/21/2014 - 2/26/2014
Eyeworks USA

Opposite Worlds is a reality competition show that transports contestants to a world where the haves and have-nots compete. Based on the Chilean format called Mundos Opuestos ("Opposite Worlds").


The series revolves around a group of strangers living in a house that is divided by a "future" and "past" theme. The contestants are divided into two teams and compete in weekly challenges to determine where they will live. One contestant (known as "The Decider") selects two contestants in a challenge, with the loser being eliminated from the game. The winner of the series determined after six weeks, will win a $100,000 prize.

International VersionsEdit

The following are a list of past and current countries that have aired their versions of Opposite Worlds including:

  • Chile (Country that originated the program as Mundos Opuestos)
  • Colombia
  • Croatia
  • Mexico
  • Turkey


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The Show's Official Website

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