Danny O'Neill
Chet Gould
ABC Daytime: 4/10/1967 - 6/16/1967
Merv Griffin Productions

"(insert story). This is (insert name) a (insert occupation) from (insert state and capital) s/he is our challenger on One In a Million. And now, here's your host, Danny O'Neill!"

One In a Million (not to be confused with the short-lived 1980s Shirley Hemphill sitcom of the same name) was a short-lived game show where five guests held an unusual secret while the contestants determined which of the stories were true.


Contestants tried to guess which of five guests held an unusual secret. Each of the panelists told a story and the contestants determined which of the stories were true. Each correct guess earned the challenger $25 and a clue as to whom the unique story applied to. The contestant won another $250 for identifying the "one in a million" panelist.


Intro of the May 23, 1967 episode

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