Spike Davis
La La
On the beat
BET: 2001

On the Beat is a short-lived music quiz show with a "hip-hop" attitude that aired on BET in 2001, where contestants test their knowledge of music, sports and pop culture.


Main GameEdit

Three contestants compete in this game of hip-hop trivia.

Round 1Edit

In the first round, each player is asked four 10 point questions. Correct earned those points and if they miss, the next player in line can answer the same question correctly for half price or 5 points.

The two top scorers advance to round two and the third place player was eliminated.

Round 2Edit

The second round was a buzz-in round worth 20 points per question.

Whoever was ahead at the end of the round went on to answer a bonus question for a trip.

Bonus QuestionEdit

The day's winner's job was to give all the correct answers to a multi-part question in 40 seconds or less, without giving three wrong answers.

Success in this round won the trip.


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YouTube VideoEdit

Full Episode

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