Jamie Farr
Gene Wood
Unsold Pilot for NBC: 2/1/1986
Mark Goodson Productions

JAMIE: "Hi, I'm Jamie Farr, and we're here to play Oddball!" GENE: "Let's meet the oddballs! From 227, Marla Gibbs; from Too Close for Comfort, Lydia Cornell; from Mama's Family, Vicki Lawrence; from Fall Guy, Nedra Volz. And the men: from Happy Days, Anson Williams; from Newhart, Tom Poston; from Falcon Crest, Daniel Greene; and Dick Martin. And here is the chief Oddball, Jamie Farr!"

Oddball was an attempted 1986 revamp of the short-lived 1964 Goodson-Todman game show Get the Message.


Main GameEdit

The game was played in three rounds with eight celebrities separated by gender (four men vs. four women) and backed by a civilian contestant team captain. In each round, the contestants were isolated in a soundproof room while the celebrities each wrote down a one word clue which they thought would get their captains to say a secret word. When they were finished, the clues were revealed with repeats and any other incriminating clues taken out of play. The contestants later came out of isolation and looked at the clues given by their teammates. They went back & forth until all the clues were used or one player guessed the word and thereby win some money. The first word was worth $100, the second was worth $200 and the third was worth $400. The player that wins the game won the right to play the "One Shot Jackpot" game.

Bonus Game (One Shot Jackpot)Edit

The "One Shot Jackpot" game was played with all eight celebrities. While the winning contestant went back into isolation one more time, each celebrity panelist gave a one word clue to one final word. When the champion returned s/he tried to guess what the word was. He/she only got one guess, hence the one shot. The champ picked off panelists one at a time and play stopped when somebody gave a repeat clue or the champ took his/her one guess. If the guess was correct, the champion won the One Shot Jackpot which started at $20,000 and $5,000 was added to it for everyday it isn't won.


Marla Gibbs
Lydia Cornell
Vicki Lawrence
Nedra Volz
Anson Williams
Tom Poston
Daniel Greene
Dick Martin


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Oddball at The Game Show Pilot Light

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