Greg Lee
tv! Network: 1995–1996

Nitro! was a one year pop culture knowledge/physical challenge game show.


Main GameEdit

Two contestants would compete to answer questions about TV while moving around on a racetrack-like board.

First, Lee would ask the contestants a list question, with the contestants alternating answers (similar to Tic Tac Dough's "Seesaw" category) until one fails to answer correctly or gives no answer at all, at which point, the opponent moves the number of spaces equal to the number of correct answers they gave. If both completed the list, whoever gave more correct answers moved ahead. In the case of a tie on a question with an even number of answers, both players move a combined number of spaces, and a wheel was spun to determine control.

Physical ChallengesEdit

The winner of the list question played a stunt related to a clip shown on one of the various networks that the tv! Network provided. If successful, the player moves ahead two more spaces.

Various games on the show include:

  • Grid Game - A grid of ten television shows is shown to both players for 15 seconds. When time is up, they alternate guessing what shows were shown, moving ahead one space for each correct answer.
  • Cold Spell - A name is given to both contestants, taking turns guessing the next correct letter, moving one space per correct letter.
  • Video Game - The contestants play a custom-made video game, and each player moves one space per point earned.
  • Pit Stop Survey - Before going to a commercial, Greg would ask a survey question a la Family Feud and Card Sharks, but the contestants simply predict the outcome. Whichever player is closest to the target number moves ahead two spaces.

When time is running short, the finish line is placed five spaces ahead of the lead player, and no more stunts are played-- only list questions. Whoever crosses the finish line first (or whoever's closer to it when time runs out) wins the game and plays the bonus round.

Bonus Round (Nitro! Void)Edit

In the bonus round, "Nitro! Void", the winner picks one of three categories shown and must provide ten correct answers within a certain time limit (2 seconds for every space moved-- for example, moving 30 spaces translates into 60 seconds). The player wins a better-looking, better-functional TV depending on how many answers were correctly given. No right answers award a junk TV on its last legs, but getting all ten wins a home entertainment center, complete with a big-screen TV, satellite dish, and a stereo.

TV NetworksEdit

For those curious, the tv! Network, later Intro Television, consisted of programs carried on other networks that, at the time, had little-to-no access. Those networks would include:

  • Cartoon Network
  • The Disney Channel
  • TV Food Network
  • The Learning Channel
  • Game Channel
  • CNN International
  • The Ecology Channel
  • The Military Channel
  • TV Health & Fitness
  • Planet Central
  • Newstalk Television
  • Turner Classic Movies

Secret WordEdit

Similar to You Bet Your Life, this show had a secret word. If the contestant said it in a correct answer to a question, he or she moved two more spaces.