Nick or Treat! was a children's game show block that aired every Halloween in between Nick shows. The show was shot at Nickelodeon Studios.


Nickelodeon 1992-1997


Radar the Bat
Hunchback Person
Joey the Werewolf
Pumpky the Jack o'Lantern (1995)
Fred Newman


A contestant is a kid who is on the phone. He/she has 40 seconds to get prizes from 6 houses. The contestant must say what number house he/she wants to go to then press the number on the phone. Inside the houses could be a prize or a character from Aaaaah! Real Monsters! saying that they don't have any prizes. The main premise of the game was to get as many prizes before time ran out. Prizes on the show were video games, gaming systems, televisions, and the Nickelodeon Pack (an assortment of gifts, which was the big prize on the show).

In October 2015, the game show was reaired on the Splat.


An episode where the Nickelodeon Pack was won


Snick or Treat
Promo for Nick or Treat from 1992
1995 Montage