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David Attenborough
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National Science Test
PBS: October 16, 1984 & October 8, 1985

Tonight from the studios of WGBH Boston, NOVA presents The National Science Test! And here's our master of ceremonies for tonight's test, the distinguished host of the intellectual quiz shows Jeopardy! and College Bowl, MR. ART FLEMING!

National Science Test was a special aired during the 11th & 13th seasons of the popular science show Nova. This show featured a panel being quizzed by the host on topics seen from past Nova shows.


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Opening Cue: "Think!" (from Jeopardy!) - Gene Mackles

Closing Theme: (Unknown) - Gene Mackles


A spinoff of the science television series Nova by Michael Abrosino

YouTube LinksEdit

The Full 1984 Special in Action

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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