Craig Shoemaker
Lindsay Stoddart
VH1: 3/8/1998 - 9/1998

OPENING SPIEL: From the virutal VH1 Studios... (Insert two names, occupations, and Graduating Class of the Year). Today, these two generations will face-off to see who knows more about the music that rocks their world. Welcome to VH1's Rock and Roll Showdown, I'm talking about My Generation. And now, here's your host, Craig Shoemaker!

My Generation was a musical game show where the songs and music videos come from different generations.


Two teams of two from two graduating years (10 or 20 years apart) anywhere from 1960 to 1995 competed in this game of musical knowledge.


Main GameEdit

In the first two rounds, both teams faced a game board of five categories of six questions each (three from one team's generation, and three from the other). Each contestant was equipped with their own buzzer to use to try & answer the question. All questions featured either a music video, a picture, or a skit (ala Remote Control). Correct answers earned points, but incorrect answers lost points. The points doubled for each new question.

Note: Each time a team chose their opponents' generation regardless of the category and answerws the toss-up question right, that team would also win a prize.

Round 1: The Singles RoundEdit

In the first round, the first question in each category was dubbed "The A-side", and the second question in each category was dubbed "The B-side". One player on the controlling team chose a category along with whichever team's generation and the "A-side" toss-up question was asked. A correct answer added 50 points to the team's score, and the option to go for the "B-side" question which only the partner of the buzz-in player can answer for 100 points or choose another category. The team that answered the 100 points question right also earned the option to go for a bonus question worth 200 points with no penalty for a wrong answer or pass it up for the next category. An incorrect answer on either one of the first two questions not only lost the points, but also gave the opponents a chance to steal the points if they wanted to. Also once a new packet was chosen, any unasked questions in the last one played were discarded.

The round continued until all question packets were played or until time ran out.

Round 2: The CD RoundEdit

The CD round was played the same way as the Singles Round except that points were now doubled (meaning that the first question was worth 100 points, the second question was worth 200 points, and the bonus question was worth 400 points), plus the first two questions on both generations and on each category were labeled "Track 1" & "Track 2". Also in this round, each team could opt to challenge the other team to answer the question; this was classified as a "Dedication"; both teams can only do it once this round.

Speed RoundEdit

In the speed round, host Shoemaker read a series of rapid-fire questions to both teams for the next 30 or 45 seconds. On each question, two bands, song titles or albums were mentioned with a linking word missing; and the teams' job was to buzz-in and guess the missing word. Other times, Craig would name two bands and the contestants would buzz-in and name the song that both bands sang. Each correct answer added 200 points but each incorrect answer deducted 200 points. When time ran out, the team with the most points won the game, a prize, and a chance to play the "My Generation Time Warp" for a trip to the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas and another prize package.

Bonus Round: Time WarpEdit

The "My Generation Time Warp" was played similar to Password's Lightning Round & Pyramid's Winner Circle. In the bonus game one member of the winning team was shown up to ten popular bands and/or singers from different years from the winning team's generation to the losing team's generation. He/she gave one or two word clues to get his/her partner to say the name of the act. Any illegal clues (giving more than two words or giving away any part of the band/singer's name) disqualified the subject. The clue giver could pass if he/she desired but that person can only pass three times (explanation later). The winning team won small prizes for each act named, and if they could get 7 out of 10 acts correctly in 60 seconds or less, they won the trip. The number of correct answers given during the round was indicated by a die. If the bonus was won, then the word "WIN" appeared.


The show was taped on a virtual set.


Rules for My Generation
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Josh Rebich's My Generation Rules Page

YouTube VideosEdit

1985 vs. 1995
1982 vs. 1994
1980 vs. 1992
Clips from 1977 vs. 1988

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