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My Dad is Better Than Your Dad was a game show where four teams of kids and their fathers compete in physical challenges, with the winning team having the chance to win up to $50,000.

This show was yanked after only three months.


Four dads, paired up with their kids, compete in each episode, playing in stunts and answering questions, in what may have been a cross between Double Dare and American Gladiators.

Round 1 - My Dad is Faster: All four teams participated in a stunt that test how fast Dad is. For example, on the first episode, the fathers had two minutes to destroy desks, and putting each piece of their desks into a bin to determine the weight. The team who has scored the least in that round is given a 15-second penalty carried into the next round.

Round 2 - My Dad is Stronger: This tests how strong the dads really are. For example, in most episodes, they have to swing their kids into an oversized dartboard, with their kids carrying large foam darts with sticky pads on the bottom. (They only count if the darts were simply put on the board; throwing them didn't count. If a dart fell off, it still counted. [NOTE: As of the third episode, throwing a dart now counts, and a dart falling off doesn't count.]) The team that scored the least in the round is eliminated and sent to "The Garage". However, they leave with an Xbox 360 as a parting gift.

Round 3 - My Dad is Smarter: Another test, to determine how smart Dad is. A question and four possible choices appear on a video screen to their left. The child rings in, but it’s the dad who has to answer. A correct answer earns one point for the team. However, an incorrect answer causes the other team to have a chance to answer from the remaining choices. The first team to score three points moves on to the final round, while the losers get sent to "The Garage" with an Xbox 360 as a parting gift.

Final Round - My Dad is Braver: For the final round, this tests how brave Dad is. An example from the first episode is when each father had two minutes to score points by shooting newspapers from an air gun through windows worth 100 and 500 points, while his opponent has to dodge the windows and make sure the newspaper doesn't break them. The winning team goes to the bonus round to play for $50,000 (and it all depends on how well the dad knows his son or daughter) while the losers leave with an Xbox 360 as a parting gift.

Bonus Round - My Dad Knows Me Better: Before the round begins, the winning team earns a mountain bike and an Xbox 360 no matter what happens during the game. Similar to another Mark Burnett creation, Amne$ia, the father was asked up to six questions about his child, earning his team up to $10,000 for each correct answer they gave. However, unlike most primetime game shows in this era (not counting The Singing Bee), a wrong answer does not take away money. The round ends when they hit $50,000 or two wrong answers have been given. During the show's ill-fated run, no one walked away with the full $50,000 in cash. The most ever won was $40,000. Also, not one team has failed to answer any questions correctly, thus winning no money.


  • Mark and Jim Fier (deafeated Teams: Kirby, Rutherford and Kang)
  • Leo and Christopher Li (deafeated Teams: Sass, Kabat and Stephenson)
  • Rick and Dustin Avila (deafeated Teams: Grayston, Martin and Basile)

Replacement RuleEdit

During the third episode's first-round stunt called "Uphill Battle" in which dads had three minutes to push as many balls up a hill into giant holes, contestant Al Gaines had a very strong lead over his opponents at the start, but towards the end, he ended up struggling to get more balls down the holes, even at the urging of his son. At the end of the round, it was quite apparent that Gaines was most likely suffering from a heart attack, as teaser trailers show him being rushed from the Sony studios where the show was taped to an ambulance. According to the rules,  if a father or child is unable to compete, a replacement family takes their place. For this particular episode alone, The replacement for the Gaines family was the Gavero family.

International VersionsEdit

The following are a list of countries that have previously aired their version of My Dad is Better than Your Dad includes:

  • Brazil
  • China 
  • Croatia
  • Egypt
  • Finland
  • The Netherlands
  • Panama
  • Philippines
  • Sweden


My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad replaced American Gladiators (2008 version) in its Monday timeslot. Michael "Titan" O'Hearn did promos for the show alongside his father in preparation for the show.

On April 2, 2008, the series was cancelled after the network announced its 2008-2009 schedule.


Mark Burnett


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