Johnny Gilbert
Wayne Howell (NBC)
Allan Jefferys (ABC)
Music bingo
NBC Primetime: 5/29/1958 – 9/11/1958
ABC Daytime: 10/8/1958 – 1/1/1960
Teletunes Productions

HOWELL: "M-1, U-2, S-3, I-4, C-5." AUDIENCE: "BINGO!" HOWELL: "Yes it's MUSIC BINGO!, the exciting new musical game that has already sent home viewers 10,010 valued prizes. And we hope this is your lucky night, to earn one of the 10,001 prizes on Music Bingo! Music Bingo is brought to you tonight by Hazel Bishop, who's amazing new super soft hairspray is sweeping the country. For it's the only spray guaranteed not to discolor, dye, bleach or tinted hair. Guaranteed to keep your waves and curls beautifully in place, longer than ever or your money back. Now here's Music Bingo and your host, Johnny Gilbert!"

Music Bingo was a short-lived primetime (and later daytime) musical-themed game show where two contestants competed against each other to guess song titles.


Two contestants (one representing the sharp, and the other representing the flat) faced a bingo board. Four free spaces were given at the start of the game, and the object is to control five spaces in a row (across, up & down or diagonally). The contestants were played songs by the show's band. Their hands were placed behind a line in front of the buzzers. The first player to buzz-in and name the right song got to choose which square on the board to place his/her symbol on. Also in the game was "The Magic Melody" song, and any player who named that song not only won control of the board, but can also steal a square from his/her opponent. The first player to get bingo won $500 and the right to continue as champion. The losing took home $50 for each mark on the board he/she placed before losing.


Ted Rapf


Harry Salter

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New York City, NY


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