Mark Richards
Rich Wayne
Money in the Bank
Unsold Pilot for KOIN-TV (Portland, Oregon): (TBD)

"This is our returning champion, Jan Woodhouse, making her third appearance with a grand total of $3,450. And this is her challenger Dave Smith, an attorney from Portland. And tonight, they'll be competing for cash prizes as we get ready to play..."Money in the Bank"! From the KOIN Television studios in Portland, Oregon. It's the fun and exciting new game show "Money in the Bank". And here's your host, the man with all the money and all the questions, Mark Richards!"

Money in the Bank was an unsold pilot that plays very similar to Wheel of Fortune and to The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime.


Main GameEdit

Two contestants play. The contestant in control (control alternating) is asked a question with two possible answers: a correct answer earns the right to choose a letter, but a wrong answer gives the option to their opponent. Each player starts with $200, and all the letters that fit into the puzzle are shown plus five that do not. The contestant in control after the question chooses a letter, and $25 is added to the bank every time that letter appears. Picking a letter that does not go into a puzzle (a "Zapper") costs the player $100 and gives their opponent a free letter.

The first player to solve the puzzle wins the money in the bank. Rounds 2 and 3 are played the same way, with the letters now worth $50 each. The player with the most money after three rounds keeps the cash and plays the bonus round.

Bonus RoundEdit

The winning player now tries to solve one more puzzle. The contestant starts with a bank of $1,000 and calls letters. Each time a letter was called, the value of that letter is taken out of the $1,000 bank ($50 for consonants, $100 for vowels). Solving the puzzle awards the remainder of the bank.

Supposedly, any contestant who wins $5,000 or more also wins a bonus prize.


  • The "desk" Mark and the contestants are at is actually superimposed. The set is actually two (unfinished) podiums with Mark standing between them, as can be seen at several points in the below footage.

YouTube VideosEdit

Clips of the pilot

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