Guy Fieri/Apolo Anton OhnoEdit

"For (insert amount) Let's take a look at/Here is your Level (insert number) Blueprint!" - Guy Fieri/Apolo Anton Ohno 

"You've got a Minute To Win It!" - Guy Fieri

"You've got a Minute To Win It, every...second...counts!" - Apolo Anton Ohno

"Are you ready for more or headed to the door/is game on or game over?" - Apolo Anton Ohno

"Are you stay in play or take the cash in dash/walk away?" - Guy Fieri

Female British Computer VoiceEdit

"Failure to complete this task in 60 seconds may/will result in elimination/make you a millionaire!"

"The game begins in 3...2...1 (HONK!)"

"Level (insert number) complete, (insert amount)!"

"Level (insert number) failed, you have (insert number) lives/life remaining!"

"Game Over, congratulations you have won (insert amount)!" - from early episodes

"Your game is over. congratulations, you have won (insert amount)!"

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