In MAD TV, there are two versions that Millionaire has been in popular culture for. First, the celebrity edition and then a version parodying the name of the show as "Who wants to be the President?" Also, Lorraine Swanson, one of the characters on MAD TV, appeared in one of the episodes where Millionaire was a skit in the show. Regis was not in the episode where Lorraine came in; he only did the first two skits of Millionaire.

In a Cartoon Network commercial for the Powerpuff Girls, Mojo Jojo is sitting in the Hot Seat when he is trying to answer a question. He decides to call someone with Phone a Friend. The Powerpuff Girls are sitting back at home watching Mojo and Blossom says, "Jeez Luis! Can you believe this guy?" Then Buttercup says, "About time already, for cryin' out loud!" Regis Philbin made an off-camera appearance in this.

Mojo JoJo Goes On Millionaire

Mojo JoJo Goes On Millionaire

The short-lived MTV reality show The Assistant had a spoof of Millionaire called Who Wants to Be Andy's Assistant?. The first episode of the show that featured the said spoof is called: "Welcome to the Assistant, Now Go Home".

The Amanda Show has a recurring parody of Millionaire called So You Wanna Win Five Dollars?, hosted by Tina (Amanda Bynes). The contestant (usually a character from another recurring skit on the show, who isn't very bright) is asked three questions, along with the final question being worth only $5.00.

So You Wanna Win Five Dollars

There is a movie based on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Slumdog Millionaire. It's about a man named Jamal Malik and he's trying to win 10 million rupees, but before he can do such a thing, he goes on one big adventure.

There is also a parody called Who Wants to Be A Millooneyaire? on The Big Cartoonie Show on Kids WB.

Saturday Night Live parodied this show, both with its original title and as Who Wants to Eat?. Later the syndicated edition was parodied with Keenan Thompson as Steve Harvey.

Friends of the People parodied this show as a million dollar game show heist with Cash Cab host Ben Bailey.

Friends of the People Millionaire Spoof

In The Lion King 1½ DVD, there is a special feature game, "Who Wants to Be the King of the Jungle?" The format is similar to the regular game play on Millionaire but the questions are shortened to 10 instead of 15. There are two lifelines that are different in this version as well. The 50/50 lifeline stays the same. The two different lifelines are "Poll the Herd" (Ask the Audience) and "Phone an Animal" (Phone a Friend). The viewer plays as Timon trying to help him be "King of the Jungle". Timon plays for grub, not cash. Meredith Vieira does make an appearance as host in this special feature. The questions are Lion King questions. Pumba also makes an appearance. One of the Phone a Friend choices is Pumbaa (despite Meredith saying you can call any animal if you're stuck on a question), and you win food (in this case "grubs") instead of cash. 

The internet cartoon Pookie Poo did a spoof of Millionaire.

Pookie Poo on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Pookie Poo on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

In 2000, a PC CD-ROM and Sega Dreamcast parody video game was released by Simon & Schuster Interactive, called Who Wants to Beat Up a Millionaire?. PC CD-ROM version

Sega Dreamcast version

Millionaire was also given homage in the famous 2000 Baha Men music video "Who Let the Dogs Out?". It was featured in the beginning of the video just before the song started. The security guard was watching Millionaire on TV and the question was "Who Let The Dogs Out?"

The 2009 game, Ace Attorney Investigations, while being interrogated by protagonist Miles Edgeworth, the smuggling ring leader establishes an alibi by stating he was watching a play at at the of a killing. Upon noticing a contradiction in their statements, Edgeworth states "The special move today [as part of the play] was the 'Early Summer Rain Jab'. Is that your final answer?", in reference to the famous catchphrase.

The Disney site features a game called Who Wants to Be a Villionaire?, which contains games hosted by famous Disney villains asking questions from their famous movies (i.e. Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians, Captain Hook from Peter Pan, Urusula from The Little Mermaid, Gaston from Beauty & the Beast, Jafar from Aladdin, and Scar from The Lion King). While the game plays exactly like the original online game, the lifelines differ just slightly: 50:50 and Ask-the Audience remain the same, but Phone-a-Friend is replaced with Phone-a-Fiend (to reflect the games' theme), with the Cruella-de-Vil as the "fiend". The milestones are referred to as "Gravestones" (also to reflect the games' theme).

The 1999 music video for the Rage Against the Machine song "Sleep Now in the Fire" had a parody of the show called "Who Wants to be Filthy F#&%ing Rich?", where contestants are asked questions that matched the band's political theme, usually with the contestants getting the answer wrong. Towards the end of the video, a homeless man answers the presumed final question correctly, and after handing back the money given to him, the contestants storm the stage and toss the money in the air.