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Mike Stokey's Pantomine Quiz Time
KTLA (Weekly): 11/13/1947 – 6/30/1950
CBS Primetime: 7/3/1950 – 9/25/1950, 7/2/1951 – 8/20/1951, 7/4/1952 – 9/26/1952, 7/10/1953 – 8/28/1953, 7/9/1954 – 8/27/1954, 7/8/1955 – 9/30/1955, 7/6/1956 – 9/7/1956, 7/5/1957 – 9/6/1957
NBC Primetime: 1/2/1952 – 3/26/1952
DuMont Primetime: 10/20/1953 – 4/13/1954
ABC Primetime: 1/22/1955 – 3/6/1955, 4/8/1958 – 9/2/1958, 6/8/1959 – 9/28/1959
ABC Daytime: 5/18/1959 – 10/9/1959
Mike Stokey Productions

Mike Stokey's Pantomime Quiz was the first game show to be based on the parlor game Charades; it gave life to a few other game shows using this type of format.


Two teams of four celebrities (consisting of three regulars & one guest) competed in this TV adaptation of Charades. In each round, one member of each team had two minutes to get his/her teammates to say famous phrases, quotes & names. But he/she had to do that by acting it out (using pantomime). The team to do that in the least amount of time won the round, and the team with the fastest time for all phrases won the game.

In addition, home viewers got in on the fun by sending their won phrases to the show. The viewers whose phrases were used on the show won cash or prizes; plus the viewers whose phrases stumped the stars (phrases that were not guessed by the teams in less than two minutes) won a bonus.


Sandra Spence
Virginia Dwyer
Spring Mitchell


"Huckleberry Duck" by Raymond Scott


Mike Stokey


Various game booklets were released since 1959. In a thin 11x7" spiral-bound game booklet featuring rules, hints and 300 "stumpers" that were actually used on the long-running charades game.

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Los Angeles, CA (1947–1953)
New York City, NY (1953–1959)


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Mike Stokey's Pantomime Quiz was the first TV show to earn an Emmy award.

The show was revived as Stump the Stars, and later as Celebrity Charades.

Mike Stokey's Pantomime Quiz was scheduled to be revived in the 1980s with Metromedia as the distributor, but that never occurred.

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Guests Elaine Stritch & Hans Conried

Guest Star Vincent Price