Michael Burger
Michael Burger
Name: Michael Burger
Born: June 10, 1957
Occupation: actor, comedian, talk show host, game show host
Years active: 1980, 1988-present
Known for: hosting The New Family Challenge and Match Game '98
Michael Burger (born June 10, 1957) is an American actor & TV personalty. He hosted the 1996-97 season of the Family Challenge after previous host Ray Combs died. He also hosted 1998-99 version of Match Game. He currently hosts Price is Right Live!. These days he's an audience warm-up man for the TV Land sitcom Hot in Cleveland (famed game show personality Betty White is one of the stars).

Shows HostedEdit

Matchmates (pilot/1985)
Straight to the Heart (1989)
Personals (1991-1992)
Man O' Man (Special/1995)
Family Challenge (2nd Season/1996-1997)
Match Game (1998-1999)
Slingo (pilot)

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