Mark L. Walberg
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Name: Mark Lewis Walberg
Born: August 31, 1962
Occupation: Host, Announcer
Years active: 1990-present
Known for: Hosting "Antique's Roadshow"
Mark Lewis/L. Walberg (born on August 31, 1962, in Florence, South Carolina), with his charm, mischievous side, spunk, and wittiness, is an all-around great game show host. He started out as an announcer/sidekick on TV's Shop 'Til You Drop with Pat Finn, but his career grew, and the rest is history. When not hosting game shows, he also hosts Antiques Roadshow.

Shows He HostedEdit

USA Gonzo Games
Free 4 All
The Big Date
Russian Roulette
Friend or Foe? (April Fool's host)
Temptation Island
Anything for Love
Test the Nation
House Rules
The Mansion
Who Wants to be a Princess?
On the Cover
The Moment of Truth
Every Second Counts (2)
Make Me a Millionaire
The Game Plane

Shows He AnnouncedEdit

Teen Win, Lose or Draw
Shop 'Til You Drop


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