Mark Anthony Dibello
Name: Mark Anthony DiBello
Occupation: producer, writer, director, manager, actor, reality host, dancer, model, comedian, game show contestant
Mark Anthony DiBello is an American producer, director, writer, creator, manager, actor, reality host, dancer, model, comedian, and game show contestant. He has been on many game shows over his time. 

Wheel Of Fortune RunEdit

In 1996, DiBello appeared on "Wheel of Fortune" and was very successful. On that day, he won $52,300 which included a Land Rover he won in the bonus round.

Price is Right RunEdit

Two years after his "Wheel" run, DiBello appeared on "The Price is Right" with Bob Barker. He won lots of cash prizes which included a $1000 bonus on the wheel, a car, and a bike. He also made it to the showcase. Even though he lost his showcase, he still won a total of $15,619. Eleven years later, he played the "Live" version of Price with former "Supermarket Sweep" host David Ruprecht.

He won $820 on the live version.

He also won on the "Live" version in Las Vegas.

1 vs. 100 RunEdit

DiBello was a part of the mob and won $2,280.

Cumulative TotalEdit

In total, Mark Anthony DiBello won $71,019.

Other AppearancesEdit



  • DiBello also appeared on reality shows, talk shows, and commercials. Some of the clips may be seen here:
  • He attended the University of Miami.
  • He has his own YouTube channel.
  • His sisters Lisa and Julie went on The Price is Right as well, but did not make it to the showcase.
  • DiBello was also a teacher having his own Game Show Course by teaching the students strategies on how get on game shows and how to be successful at them.


Mark's Official Website

YouTube VideosEdit

His YouTube Channel
Wheel of Fortune Run
Price is Right Run
Price is Right Live Version Run
1 vs. 100
Mark Anthony DiBello interview on National Enquirer TV

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